Data collection

I am about to finish my data collection process and the question arises: Is the data collected enough to answer my research questions?

I guess if I want to answer that I have to start from the beginning: my research question. How do pre-service teachers of English learn how to teach in the Chilean context? to answer that I designed my research study which included interviews to pre-service teachers, teacher educators, and teacher mentors, observation to pre-service teachers at schools and focus group discussions. I haven´t finished the observations yet and I haven´t done the focus group discussions. Hopefully I’ll finish with that in the coming weeks. Anyway, is the data I already have enough to answer all all these?

  1. Who is engaged in the activity of learning how to teach English?
  2. What is the object and outcome of the activity? “From a dialectical perspective, any learning activity is realized within multiple interconnected societal activities. In this vein, the object of activity (i.e. the purpose of learning) turns to become a “collectively meaningful object… [which is] jointly constructed” (Engestr0m, 2001, pp. 136), rather than a primarily mental state of the individual. (Barak 2011)
  3. What tools do pre-service teachers use to learn how to teach English?
  4. What rules affect the way pre-service teachers get engaged in the activity?
  5. How does the division of labour influence the way pre-service teachers engage in the activity?
  6. How does the tools’ use affect the way the community get engaged in the activity?
  7. What rules affect the way the community get engaged in the activity?
  8. How does division of labour affect the way the community get engaged into the activity?

About Malba Barahona

Educational researcher, language educator. PhD from Australian National University. Passionate bushwalker and mountain lover. I procrastinate reading fiction, hiking, doing yoga, riding, having a beer and more recently decolonizing my existence. I write in English and Spanish in different blogs especially with the purpose of encouraging my students to write.

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