De vuelta a los cerros!

Después de unas semanas un poco tristes, me subió el ánimo y volví a los cerros.

La semana que recién termina fue bastante emocionante y agitada. Las clases de español ocupan bastante de mi tiempo y energías, no obstante son muy gratificantes. Mis lecturas y estudios continúan desafiando mi ignorancia y arrogancia. El viernes hice mi primera presentación acerca de mi investigación, estaba ansiosa, todo resultó muy bien. Me alegró haber hecho la presentación y me dío nuevos bríos. La guinda de la torta de esta semana fue la caminata de ayer, fuimos al Parque Namadgi a menos de una hora de Canberra, caminamos 20 kms y subimos el Mt Tennent. Los paisajes son muy hermosos, pese al calor, disfruté mucho este bushwalk.


About Malba Barahona

Educational researcher, language educator. PhD from Australian National University. Passionate bushwalker and mountain lover. I procrastinate reading fiction, hiking, doing yoga, riding, having a beer and more recently decolonizing my existence. I write in English and Spanish in different blogs especially with the purpose of encouraging my students to write.


  1. Berta Guzman


    My husband and I walked 15 kilometers last Sunday, just for fun.!:)

    It is indeed the best exercise one can practice if one chooses a healthy life style, as we had.

    I didn’t know you were in Australia, how long will you be there?
    I didn’t know you were teaching Spanish: Good for you. !

    Enjoy the “journey”

    Berta Guzman

  2. Malba Barahona

    Hola Berta,

    yeah I have been here in Canberra since last October , i.e, 7 months ago. I’m doing my PhD here, so I’ll be in Canberra for three years.
    I’m also teaching Spanish to the undergraduates At ANU, it’s really good for me so I can see differences and similarities with the Chilean context, students,resources and the teaching experience per se as well. So far, so good!

    I’m happy here, I am working hard and my life quality has improved. I spend my weekends bushwalking as you could read.

    Congratulations on your walk! I guess Canada is great for walking.

    Thanks a lot for your comments,


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