War and …

DSCN7556La semana que ya termina, fue muy desafiante. Tuve varias reuniones y seminarios que me dejaron con mas preguntas. Así es que para relajarme, este fin de semana, fui en bicileta a Mt. Ainslie, recorri sus senderos y termine el paseo en el museo de war memorial.

Este museo conmemora las distintas guerras en que Australia ha participado. En realidad, este museo me dejo un poco shoqueada, como museo, es espectacular, pero este mismo despliegue me perturbó, si bien recuerda el dolor y a los muertos en las batallas, tiene un tono épico en relación con la guerra. Quedé con la impresión de que este lugar es una apología a la guerra.

¿Por qué no existe un museo que honre a todos aquellos que han luchado en pos de la paz?

Mi vida social ha ido incrementando, ayer tuve dos invitaciones, una comida y fiesta. Estuvo entretenido, la gente es muy amable y cariñosa. Hoy fui a ver una pelicula peruana, la Teta Asustada, la disfruté, muy interesante el tema y la actuación muy buena.

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About Malba Barahona

Educational researcher, language educator. PhD from Australian National University. Passionate bushwalker and mountain lover. I procrastinate reading fiction, hiking, doing yoga, riding, having a beer and more recently decolonizing my existence. I write in English and Spanish in different blogs especially with the purpose of encouraging my students to write.


  1. Berta Guzman

    Dear Malba:

    To dig or not to dig in the past, that is the question.🙂

    Francisco Goya’s work “The Disasters of War and Los Caprichos” is currently being exhibited at the Art Gallery of Alberta in Canada. Despite the horror displayed in his work thousands of people visited the gallery.

    In responding your question “¿Por qué no existe un museo que honre a todos aquellos que han luchado en pos de la paz” my answer is this:

    The disturbing images of Goyas’ work helps people NOT forget what the word “W A R” means and what will it bring to our lives. As a result of this thought depicted from Goyas’ work the word “P E A C E” comes as an answer in human minds.🙂

    To read more about Goyas’ work follow the link

    We all want P E A C E and we all want to live in a non-threatening or violent world. Unfortunately, we’ve been only taught how to “fight” and not how to promote
    P E A C E. Change takes time.🙂

    Take care of yourself and remember there are people who have met you and ADMIRE YOU.

    Keep up the good work and THINK POSITIVE.

    Berta Guzman

  2. Malba Barahona

    Muchas gracias por la info acerca de Goya. Muy impresionante!
    Estoy de acuerdo, tenemos que saber que la guerra es horrible and it is absolutely necessary to dig. What I hate is when they use that for raising patriotic and nationalistic feelings.

  3. Berta Guzman

    Dear Malba:

    This is my thought and my contribution to your comment “when they use that for raising patriotic and nationalistic feelings”

    For some people to have “patriotics and nationalistic feelings” is bad because it raises barriers and divide people.

    For others to have “patriotics and nationalistic feelings” represented in symbols such as flags and national anthem, reminds them of their love ones who died far away of their homes, families and countries they loved performing their duties.

    Last year in New brunswick, Canada, an elementary school banned the Canadian National Anthem “O Canada.” This action created a very unfortunate situation for everyone.


    To be or not to be “patriotic” is indeed a “hot topic” which does not help to foster or promote P E A C E. However, it is important to keep an OPEN MIND in this regards in order to respect everyone’s feelings.

    Hope your weekend was as fabulous as mine!
    Berta Guzman.🙂

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