My first days in Canberra

I arrived in Australia on Thursday September 24 after the red storm had hit the South part of the country. I arrived safely to Canberra shattered after 20 hours of travelling. My suitcase was wrongly left in Sydney, and I missed my scheduled plane from Sydney to Canberra so nobody was expecting me at the airport. I breathed , made a complaint and  took a taxi. The taxi driver was really kind, he told me a bit about the city , the university and Canberra’s transportation system.  He drove me safely to my new place. Natty was waiting fro me with a chocolate cake, it was delicious. That afternoon I felt  a bit confused, dizzy and  useless.  I went to bed early and I woke up at 4 a.m.

Friday September 25 was my first day at ANU, I met my supervisors, students, lecturers and all staff at CEDAM. Every one was very nice and kind. Kevin and Yin showed me around the university, it’s gorgeous, I really liked it. I has lots of green areas, a stream, lots of birds.  In the afternoon I ran some errands with no luck, hopefully I’ll sort them out on Monday. Yin drove me home stopping first at the supermarket to do some grocery shopping. Natty was cooking a quiche, it was delicious.

On Saturday I woke up really early and I browsed on the web things to do in Canberra. Unfortunately, the weather has been a bit dreadful, freezing cold, showers and hail. So I decided to say home and rest.

Everything seems fine here: people are really nice, my accommodation is far better than expected, the city is very interesting and my motivation is high.

Este post lo escribí en inglés sin mucho pensar al respecto. Para todos mis amigos, amor y familia en Chile, sólo decirles que estoy muy bien, comenzando a ver este nuevo mundo con mucho ánimo y energía.


About Malba Barahona

Educational researcher, language educator. PhD from Australian National University. Passionate bushwalker and mountain lover. I procrastinate reading fiction, hiking, doing yoga, riding, having a beer and more recently decolonizing my existence. I write in English and Spanish in different blogs especially with the purpose of encouraging my students to write.


  1. Loly

    Hermanita!! me alegro mucho de que todo vaya saliendo bien y que estés ya instalada con tu bandera. Que bueno que la gente es amable me da mucho gusto eso, un abrazo cariñoso.

  2. Maria cecilia

    Hola, primero quiero saludarte y felictarte por tu logro. Casualmente llegue a este sitio, es muy interesante.
    Te cuento que yo tambien quiro ir a estudiar un PhD en Australia, ojalá en Canberra, soy casada y tengo 2 niños pequeños, y la verdad eso me frena un poco…sigamos en contacto.

    • malbada

      Hola Cecilia:
      Muchas gracias por tus saludos. Y claro, pregúntame lo que necesites.
      Tengo otro blog acerca de mi viae investigativo.

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